Partial Payment Installment Agreement

Partial Payment Installment Agreement (or PPIA) is an alternative tax resolution program to the Offer in Compromise (OIC) Program, with the IRS.  If you do not qualify for the OIC program, or if your OIC was rejected by the IRS, a Tax Attorney can negotiate an affordable payment plan under PPIA, where you only pay what you can afford.  PPIA is for those taxpayers who cannot settle their debt because their income is too high for an OIC, but still cannot afford minimum monthly payments under a traditional Installment Agreement.

For Example:  Taxpayer owes $25,000 to the IRS and cannot settle his debt with the OIC program because his income is too high.  After deducting all his necessary living expenses from his gross income, taxpayer is left with only $150 in disposable income.  Under a Traditional Installment Agreement the IRS would require taxpayer to pay $500 per month to payoff the debt.  However under PPIA the IRS will accept a $150 payment plan.

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